Hot Sale 375ml Extra White Flint Iced Wine Glass Bottle

Short Description:

Category: glass wine bottle

Purpose: Wine packaging

Capacity: 350ml/500ml/700ML/750ML/800ML/1500ML

Color: Clear, customized on demand

Cover: cork

Material: Glass

Customization: bottle type, logo printing, cap engraving, sticker/label, packaging box

Bottle cap material: polymer stopper

Process: raw material processing

Sample: Free sample

Minimum order limit: 10000 pieces (customized minimum order limit: 10000 pieces)

Packaging: Carton or wooden pallet packaging

Shipping: Provide shipping, express delivery, door to door shipping services.

OEM/ODM Services: Yes

Quality grade: Grade I

Product Detail

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1  Enterprise strength


Trusted by regular manufacturers

Crystal transparent glass has been established in the glass industry for more than ten years

Is a comprehensive enterprise integrating development, design and production

More than 600000 glass bottles are produced every day, with multiple modern production lines


2   The design team


customizes and provides personalized services based on needs

Equipped with a customized production line, it can provide customers with personalized customized services for glass bottles, and can produce various colors, capacities, materials, and styles of glass bottles and utensils.

Product styles are diverse, and designers with rich experience in industry design are available to customize products according to different needs. Customers can provide customized services based on drawings and samples, and we will also provide optimization possibilities.


3   Quality management system with perfect quality strength

According to environmental protection testing requirements, production process inspection, full inspection during packaging, and random inspection during shipment.

At the same time, a quality control team is set up to strictly control production quality and progress, ensuring that the quality meets customer needs.


4   Rapid logistics and efficient responsive services

Timely problem handling, 7 * 24 hour online customer service team, ready to solve your after-sales problems.

Cooperate with domestic and foreign brand logistics and distribution companies to ensure the transportation of goods and solve your worries.


Shandong Jingtou Glass Products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of wine bottles, glass wine bottles, wine bottle customization, glass vodka bottles, red wine bottles, champagne bottles, brandy bottles, tequila bottles, rum bottles, perfume bottles, bottle caps


Manufacturers of various glassware such as glass bottle caps, wood stoppers, polymer stoppers, micro molecular stoppers, and natural wood stoppers have won the favor of new and old customers. Our company is a production enterprise integrating research and development, design, production, carving, spraying, baking and export.


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