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Shandong jingtou Group Co., Ltd.


Shandong jingtou Group Co., Ltd. like a bright pearl was born in Shuihu hometown --- Yuncheng, pushing the Chinese high-end glass to a new level.

Shandong Jingtou Glass Products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of wine bottles, glass wine bottles, wine bottle customization, glass vodka bottles, red wine bottles, champagne bottles, brandy bottles, tequila bottles, rum bottles, perfume bottles, bottle caps.

The manufacturers of various glassware, such as glass bottle caps, wooden stoppers, polymer stoppers, micro-molecular stoppers, natural wooden stoppers, have won the favor of new and old customers. Our company is a production enterprise integrating research and development, design, production, carving, painting, baking and export. It can meet the needs of customers.

In recent years, our company has continuously introduced and learned advanced production equipment and experience, and actively expanded the production scale and quantity of products while continuously improving the quality of wine bottle glass products. At present, our company has a set of production equipment for welding, sealing, annealing, baking, etc., with a daily output of more than 600000 pieces, which can guarantee the mass production and manufacturing of customers. The company has more than 300 employees, technicians, professional engineers, managers, etc., and has launched a series of scientific and practical management standard systems in combination with the manufacturing of the enterprise, striving to build the company into a high-end liquor enterprise supporting enterprise with one-stop service for liquor packaging.


All kinds of glass bottles, wine bottles, glass containers, bottle caps and other products sold by the company are of good quality, low price, various types and beautiful appearance, which are favored by the market. In order to better meet the needs of customers, it is expected to set up a mold factory. According to the requirements of customers, in a very short time, it will design new bottle types and develop new molds. At the same time, it will be equipped with mature logistics methods, which can provide customers with one-stop services such as consignment, car transport, train skin, container, water transport, air transport, etc., to solve customers' worries. With great enthusiasm and sincerity, all employees of the company welcome customers to call and write to negotiate business, visit the company for guidance, and seek common development!