High Quality 750 Ml Clear Antique Green Bordeaux Glass Wine Bottles

Short Description:

Brand: jing tou

Category Glass Wine Bottles

Usage: Packaging for various alcoholic beverages


Capacity: 100 ml/200 ml 350 ml/500 ml/700 ml/750 ml/800 ml/1500 ml Various capacities


Color: Transparent, customized as needed


Cover: cork/glass/polymer


Glass material: crystal white, high white, milky white materials, etc. are selected according to customer needs


Customization: bottle shape, logo printing, electroplating, engraving, stickers/labels, packaging boxes


Bottle cap material: polymer stopper


Process: Glass raw material processingCustomization:Bottle Types, Logo Printing, Engrave on Lids, Sticker / Label, Packing Box

Sample:Free sample

MOQ:10000 pcs (Customized MOQ: 10000 pcs)

Packing:Carton or wooden pallet packaging

Shipment:Sea shipment, express, door to door shipment service available.

OEM/ODM Service:yes

Origin: Yuncheng, China


Sold to: Global


Product Detail

Product Tags

Product advantage display

Excellent craftsmanship, reasonable design, sturdy and user-friendly

Reliable quality

Variety of styles, fast shipping support, customization


Beautiful decoration

Artificial carving

Video box selection

Customize with pictures

Available for selection

Support customization

Worthy of user trust

Reliable quality

Excellent materials

The company is a service-oriented enterprise that serves the field of wine glass packaging, providing various types of medium and high-end glass bottles and caps.

The company adheres to the business philosophy of “responsibility, integrity,” and is committed to providing products and services to the field of alcohol packaging.

After years of development, the company has become a comprehensive enterprise that can supply process products such as floral paper, high-temperature baked flowers, low-temperature spray baked flowers, frosting, electroplating, etc.

The products provided by the company are diverse and generally divided into:


1. Bottles: crystal white glass bottle, high white glass bottle, milky white glass bottle, printed glass bottle, spray baked vase, colored spray glaze bottle, high-grade baked vase, frosted bottle, white wine bottle, foreign wine bottle, Pickled vegetables bottle, beverage bottle, fruit wine bottle, shaped bottle, manual shaped bottle, medium and high-grade grape wine bottle, brandy bottle, champagne bottle, olive oil bottle, medium and high-grade beer bottle, and other bottle products. The colors are mainly white, green, dark green Yellow withered leaves, olive green, brown, etc;

2. Cap category: There are various colors for bottle cap products such as Lv made caps, high, medium and low grade plastic caps, oxidized Lv caps, and crystal glass bottle caps.

All employees of the company sincerely welcome new and old customers to patronize us, and we will continue to serve you faithfully.


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