Direct Selling White Glass, Wine Bottle, Wine Bottle, Red Wine Bottle, Fruit Bottle, Baijiu Bottle, Beverage Bottle.

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Category  Glass Liquor Bottles




Customization:Bottle Types, Logo Printing, Engrave on Lids, Sticker / Label, Packing Box

Sample:Free sample

MOQ:10000 pcs (Customized MOQ: 10000 pcs)

Packing:Carton or wooden pallet packaging

Shipment:Sea shipment, express, door to door shipment service available.

OEM/ODM Service:yes

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Our company produces more than 2000 varieties, mainly including: wine bottles, whisky wine bottles, brandy wine bottles, oil bottles, beverage glass bottles, medicine bottles, honey glass bottles, cosmetics bottles, perfume bottles, jam glass bottles, Pickled vegetables glass bottles, soy sauce bottles, vinegar bottles, olive oil bottles, canned glass bottles, Fermented bean curd bottles, seasoning bottles, fruit wine bottles, wine bottles, juice bottles, coffee bottles, cups, milk bottles, control glass bottles, glass candlesticks, glass cans Various customized wine bottles and bottle caps, such as glass cups, water glasses, oral liquid bottles, fruit tea bottles, wine bottles, tomato sauce bottles, rice wine bottles, feng youjing bottles, cream bottles, tissue culture bottles, can also be used for deep processing of glass products such as sanding, spraying, screen printing, baking, lettering, porcelain baking, etc.


The company is located in Shandong Yuncheng Industrial Park, with convenient transportation, and highways, railways, and waterways extending in all directions. The company has supporting enterprises under its jurisdiction – bottle cap factory, mold factory, and carton factory. Our factory has 5 fully automatic production lines and 20 manual lines, with a daily output of 800000 various types of glass products. There are more than 300 employees, including 28 technical personnel and 15 quality inspectors. Product quality is strictly controlled and controlled layer by layer. High quality products have won the favor of domestic and foreign customers. Some products are exported to the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Japan, Russia, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Australia, and other countries.


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