750ml Vodka Bottle Glass Wine Spirit Bottle with Cork Stopper

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MOQ 10000pcs
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Material Glass
Type Storage bottles & jars

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These transparent glass alcohol bottles are perfect for housing liquor and spirits such as whiskey, rum, brandy, vodka, tequlia or moonshine and are sure to attract attention on the shelf.

The production process of this 200 ml, 500 ml, 700 ml, 750 ml, 800 ml, and 1000 ml glass wine bottle is as follows: First, the raw materials are pre processed. Firstly, raw materials such as feldspar, soda ash, limestone, quartz sand, etc. are crushed to dry the wet raw materials. After removing iron from the raw materials containing iron, this can ensure that the quality of the glass wine bottle will be improved. The second is batch preparation. The third step is melting. When the glass batch is heated at a high temperature in a tank furnace or furnace, the temperature should be maintained at about fifteen degrees Celsius, so as to form a relatively uniform liquid glass state without any bubbles and meet the requirements for the molding of glass wine bottles. The fourth stage is the glass forming stage. Put liquid glass into a mold to make glass wine bottle products in the shape required by customers, which can be made into various forms of utensils, etc. Finally, there is the state of heat treatment. Through quenching, annealing, and other techniques, eliminate the stress, crystallization, or phase separation conditions that occur inside the glass wine bottle, which can change the structural state of the glass and make our glass wine bottle products more perfect.

78 500ml 580g

-There are various uses, from supplying brandy, whiskey, fruit wine, vodka, gin, to storing fruit juices, water, and more.

-Our high-quality corks can keep your drinks and alcohol fresh for longer, so you never have to worry about spoilage.

-We can provide customized firing, embossing, screen printing, printing, painting, sanding, gilding, silver plating and other processing services.


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