Clear Liquor BottleCrystal White Glass Wine Bottle Fancy Empty 500 Ml /700 Ml /750 Ml Glass Whisky Bottle

Short Description:

Category: glass wine bottle

Purpose: Wine packaging

Capacity: 350 ml/500 ml/700 ml/750 ml/800 ml/1500 ml

Color: Transparent, customized on demand

Cover: cork

Material: Glass

Customization: bottle type, logo printing, electroplating, hat engraving, stickers/labels, packaging boxes

Bottle cap material: polymer stopper

Process: raw material processing

Sample: Free sample

Minimum order limit: 10000 pieces (customized minimum order limit: 10000 pieces)

Packaging: Carton or wooden pallet packaging

Transportation: Provide transportation and express logistics services.

OEM/ODM Services: Yes

Quality level: Level 1


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Shandong Jingtou Glass Products Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of crystal white hand-made glass bottles, high white machine-made glass bottles, crystal white bottles, high white bottles, color bottles, tea oil bottles, fruit wine bottles, wine jars, small wine bottles, glass caps, perfume bottles, cups and various glassware, which has won the favor of new and old customers. Is a research and development, design, production, carving, spraying, baking flowers and export as one of the production enterprises. Satisfying customer needs.
Customized small wine bottles of various specifications (2)
Quality assurance for honest merchants

The factory has strong strength, attaches great importance to credit, has complete products, reasonable prices, abides by contracts, and good product quality, winning the trust of new and old customers. Quality assurance, variety management features, and the principle of small profits and quick turnover.
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Timely response, online consultation, rapid response, timely response, eliminate customer questions, and make customers more convenient.

Considerate service. In order to provide customers with a better shopping experience, our company has professional after-sales service to solve your worries.

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