Custom Clear Glass Cosmetic Packaging Empty Round Spray Perfume Bottles

Short Description:

Category: glass wine bottle

Purpose: Wine packaging

Capacity: 350ml/500ml/700ML/750ML/800ML/1500ML

Color: Clear, customized on demand

Cover: cork

Material: Glass

Customization: bottle type, logo printing, cap engraving, sticker/label, packaging box

Bottle cap material: polymer stopper

Process: raw material processing

Sample: Free sample

Minimum order limit: 10000 pieces (customized minimum order limit: 10000 pieces)

Packaging: Carton or wooden pallet packaging

Shipping: Provide shipping, express delivery, door to door shipping services.

OEM/ODM Services: Yes

Quality grade: Grade I

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Shandong Jingtou Glass Products Co., Ltd. is located in Yuncheng, Shandong Province, the birthplace of the Water Margin and the capital of liquor packaging in China.
The company’s main factory was established in September 2009, and has now developed into three crystal white glass kilns, two fully electric baking furnaces, and wells equipped with comprehensive deep processing businesses such as frosting, gold painting, and glaze spraying, providing perfect services to customers.
Since its establishment, Shandong Jingtou Glass Products Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the business philosophy of “casting quality, perfect service”, strictly controlled product quality, continuously improved service levels, and won the favor of new and old customers.
In order to meet the market demand and further shorten the delivery time, the company invested more than 60 million yuan in April 2017 to establish a new plant area with high standards. The No. 1 natural gas energy-saving and environmental protection kiln of the new plant was successfully ignited and produced in October of that year. Ruisheng Group currently has more than 800 employees, with a daily output of more than 600000 crystal white glass bottles. It has become a large-scale, high-quality, and comprehensive strength glass wall bottle production enterprise in Jiangbei.
The company has independent import and export rights, and its products are mainly sold to large and medium-sized liquor companies nationwide. Some products are exported to the European Union, the United States, Russia, and Southeast Asia, winning unanimous praise from domestic and foreign customers.
In the new era, the company will “never forget its original intention, forge ahead”, and stride forward towards the goal of becoming a leading enterprise in China’s crystal white glass bottles. The Ruisheng people, who are willing to advance despite difficulties and innovate, are willing to work hand in hand with colleagues from all walks of life to sincerely cooperate and seek common success!

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