The secret behind the glass bottle factory

At present, the market is flooded with measuring paper cups, low-quality paper cups and a large number of chemical and plastic containers. The social use costs and the generated garbage have caused social consequences that are difficult to eliminate, which not only wastes limited social resources, but also increases the economic burden on consumers. It is not environmentally friendly and sanitary. It is also difficult for us to understand the price of disposable infusion sets, which increases the burden on patients and leaves a large amount of environmental protection problems for waste disposal. Why does the state not introduce some policies to encourage and support the use of glass bottles and restrict the use of disposable plastic, chemical products and paper products.

Glass bottle is a special industry. On the 36th day of the 52nd Wednesday of the 12th month of the year, the fire is burning every day and the production is continuous every day. For this busy work, the glass bottle man has given up many holidays and sacrificed many rest days, and has made due contributions to the rise of China and the progress of society with incomparable hardships and sweat. How many of our glass bottle engineers and managers jokingly call themselves “crazy” and patients with glass syndrome. Due to years of hard work, many glass people vowed to give up this job. However, once there is a problem with the stove and production twists and turns, they will fight tirelessly online. After many people and years of hard work, we won the good situation of daily glass today.

Glass bottles are a special industry, which melts the hard silica minerals into a melting state at a warm temperature and then forms solid products. The particularity of its energy consumption mode is different from the value generated by metal smelting with added value, and also different from other non-metallic solid fired products. There is no comparability between the energy consumption mode and output. It is not scientific to compare the energy consumption input and output ratio of these products in society.

In the process of glass bottle production, especially in the glass packaging industry, a large amount of glass waste has been digested for the society, reducing the waste generated in life and making contributions to the society. Therefore, this industry is a green industry of waste recycling, and the state should give encouragement and support in environmental protection and taxation.

Post time: Mar-28-2023