New Hampshire Liquor Commission and Partner Jack Daniel’s Promote Glass Bottle Recycling Through Bring Back Jack Program

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        The New Hampshire Liquor Commission and Jack Daniel’s have teamed up to launch the Take Back Jack program, designed to promote sustainability and address supply chain disruptions. The initiative promotes the recycling of glass bottles and aims to raise awareness of the environmental impact of waste.
        Starting last weekend, shoppers can begin bringing the entire Jack Daniel’s line, as well as empty bottles of wine or spirits, to select New Hampshire liquor stores in exchange for incentives such as discount coupons. The bottles are then collected and sent to RecycleWorks, a Massachusetts family-owned recycling business.
        “Bring Back Jack is the first program of its kind to support the Commission’s focus on sustainable development,” said Lorrie Piper, director of marketing for NHLC. environment”.
        As with other industries, liquor producers have experienced supply chain disruptions caused by the pandemic. While Brown-Forman, the company behind the Jack Daniel’s whiskey brand, struggled to get glass bottles to package their alcoholic beverages, their longstanding relationship with the state liquor board helped launch the “Bring Back Jack” program to alleviate shortages. bottles.
       Through strong relationships with broker partners and Brown-Forman, the state was able to run a free recycling program.
        Typically, when glass is recycled, it is crushed and mixed with sand and gravel to make aggregate for roads, parking lots, and sometimes even concrete. However, glass bottles collected from liquor stores across the state will be shredded at the RecycleWorks facility into cullet, small pieces of recycled glass that are then used to make new glass beverage bottles. This paves the way for unlimited glass recycling, reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill.
        The State Liquor Commission takes sustainability very seriously. Retail outlets across the state are being built using sustainable and efficient materials and equipment where possible, Piper said.
       Alcohol cartons and plastic packaging are also recycled in all 67 stores.
       The program, which runs from April 1 to May 20, celebrates Earth Month and encourages customers to be sustainable while sipping their favorite drink.
        Shruti Gopalakrishnan covers environmental and energy stories from Bow, Hopkinton, Dunbarton and Warner for Concord Monitor. In 2022, he graduated from Northwestern University with a master’s degree in journalism, majoring in investigative journalism. She also has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering and is always looking for new ways to incorporate data and visuals into her stories. Her work has appeared in the Energy News Network, Prism Reports and Crane’s Chicago Business Journal.
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