Matters needing attention in the production of glass bottles by wine bottle factories

With the development of glass bottles as packaging materials in the market again, the demand for glass bottles is further increasing, and the quality requirements for glass bottles are also increasing. This requires the wine bottle factory to pay close attention to the production of glass bottles at all times when producing glass bottles. So what should wine bottle factories pay attention to when producing glass bottles? Next, I will give you a brief introduction to the matters that should be paid attention to when the wine bottle factory produces glass bottles.

Inspect the mold. Before producing glass bottles, the wine bottle factory must pay attention to checking the mold first. At this time, because most of the wine bottle factories produce glass bottles according to the molds provided by customers or develop new molds according to the drawings and sample bottles, for the key dimensions of the molds that will affect the molding, when developing the molds, we must pay attention to communicating and negotiating with customers to determine the key dimensions, so as to ensure that the glass bottles produced by the wine bottle factory can be recognized by customers.

Conduct first article inspection. When producing glass bottles, the wine bottle factory should pay attention to the random sampling and inspection of the first few products produced after the mold is put on the machine and before entering the annealing line, focusing on the size of the mouth height of the glass bottle, the inside and outside diameter of the mouth, whether the bottom engraving is correct and clear, and whether the bottle body pattern is correct. After the bottles come out of the annealing line, they should be tested in all aspects according to the drawings, in addition to Xining capacity measurement and material weight measurement. When necessary, the bottle should be filled with water, and the bottle cap provided by the customer should be used for physical assembly to check whether the cap is in place and whether there is water leakage, and attention should be paid to the internal pressure, internal stress, acid and alkalinity resistance tests, so as to ensure that the glass bottles produced meet the customer’s requirements.

Post time: Mar-28-2023