How to transport and store glass wine bottles

How to transport and store glass wine bottles


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Glass wine bottles are fragile items that require special attention during transportation and storage. Nowadays, with the development of the economy, long-distance transportation has become the norm. Ensuring the transportation and storage of glass wine bottles is a key factor in ensuring the development of the product industry.


In the transportation process, especially remote transportation, it is crucial to ensure the packaging and protection of wine bottle products. In the process of transportation and packaging, thick cardboard boxes or wooden boxes should be selected for packaging, and foam or old newspapers should be used around the wine bottles for packaging and blocking, so as to prevent the wine bottles from shaking or collision during transportation, causing damage or even fragmentation.


In addition, during transportation, attention should be paid to covering and protecting the product to avoid the fading of the wine bottle product pattern caused by exposure to sunlight, which may affect the aesthetics and sales. During transportation, it is necessary to avoid excessive temperature difference that causes excessive stress in wine bottles, cracks caused by Thermal expansion, which will affect product quality and future use.


During the storage process of wine bottles, try to ensure that the storage area has a flat ground to avoid the risk of unstable bottles falling. Indoor environment shall be selected for storage as far as possible to avoid the weathering of products in the environment of natural conditions, which will affect the use. Do not directly contact the product with the ground to prevent impurities from scratching the surface of the product. Ensure that there is a certain space for ventilation between the wine bottles to avoid damage caused by excessive humidity.


Post time: May-25-2023